Your Heart Is Not A Teething Ring For Someone’s Growth

Your Heart Is Not A Teething Ring For Someone’s Growth

Wait for the partner who has sorted themselves. Not the one who learns at your expense.

The person who has learned to eliminate drama and chaotic people from their world already, not because you are standing there telling them that these people are creating trouble.

The partner who has a means to support themselves, not the one who constantly needs nagging to get out and do something that contributes to the household and your lives together.

The partner who has learned not to lie to get themselves off the hook, because your relationship is not about being a parent and adult relationships include owning your mistakes and contributions to a situation.

The partner who has learned to control their temper, because screaming never solved a problem.

A person who has moved past their baggage and those who have wronged or hurt them, because they know that inflicting this on another love is not right.

A partner who understands that sex is an opportunity to connect.

A person who can see a problem that needs discussing and has the courage to bring it up and address it.

The partner who has moved past their ego of needing attention from the opposite sex, and has learned the difference between communicating and flirting.

A partner who understands that they attract what they put out.

A person who has found their core and peace, and wants to walk alongside you, not relying on you for their happiness but combining their internal happiness with yours to build memories together.

Wait for this person. And be the person who deserves them in the meantime.


Sharon Kimber is a Dating & Self Love Coach. As the founder of Soul Dating, Sharon specialises in authentic dating and self love coaching for single people looking to truly connect with their life partner. She believes that by removing the masks we learn to wear, learning to love ourselves, knowing our needs and utilising empowered dating skills, we hold the keys to finding a relationship that will truly make us happy, meet our needs, and endure. Sharon is a certified Life Coach, Dating & Singles Coach, & Holistic Events Coordinator. If you are interested in working with Sharon, schedule your complimentary discovery call by calling 0417 601 299 or visiting the website -

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