Why Are You Single?

Why Are You Single?

Are you out there searching for Mr or Ms Right?

Have you ever stopped to think about whether you’re actually ready for a relationship?

So much hurt comes from people jumping in to a relationship to ease the loneliness and pain of the previous one ending.

But this is so unfair on the person you are jumping in with.

Most people oversteer when a relationship ends.

That is, they take the biggest pain points from the previous relationship and rush into something where those pain points are the complete opposite.

For example, if the ex was obsessively organised, they find someone who isn’t.

The trouble with this is that when you balance out, these attraction points are nowhere near as necessary and right for what you need in a great relationship.

Because while the initial relief of not being with someone who constantly tells you to pick up your clothes is great, when the relief is over, you do want someone who is a little bit organised.

Time, reflection and healing are so important.

So before you jump in, ask yourself — am I using another person to deal with the pain and loneliness I’m feeling?

And if you are — don’t. It’s cruel. Rest your heart. Rebuild yourself. Take some time. Learn what you need to. Grow.


Sharon Kimber is a Dating & Self Love Coach. As the founder of Soul Dating, Sharon specialises in authentic dating and self love coaching for single people looking to truly connect with their life partner. She believes that by removing the masks we learn to wear, learning to love ourselves, knowing our needs and utilising empowered dating skills, we hold the keys to finding a relationship that will truly make us happy, meet our needs, and endure. Sharon is a certified Life Coach, Dating & Singles Coach, & Holistic Events Coordinator. If you are interested in working with Sharon, schedule your complimentary discovery call by calling 0417 601 299 or visiting the website - www.souldating.online

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