The Number 1 Reason You End Up Feeling Lonely In Relationships.

The Number 1 Reason You End Up Feeling Lonely In Relationships.

Have you ever experienced a relationship that left you feeling totally alone while you were still in it?

It happens to many people – and there’s a reason for it.

The initial falling in love phase is wonderful. But we tend to do it with out hearts and not our heads.

And even if we do use out heads to a certain degree, sometimes there’s still stuff about ourselves that we haven’t thought deeply enough to know.


So making a choice of partner based on knowing our core needs is essential to having a great relationship.

If you haven’t truly explored those needs, there’s a good chance you won’t be making good choices.

You need to know you are with someone who can meet those needs.

Sure, you might have a list, but if that list isn’t based on a deep understanding of your core needs, you still might find yourself feeling lonely and unsatisfied down the track. That’s where the arguments start.

It is much easier to make sure you are entering a relationship with someone who can meet your needs than to try and sort them out down the track.

Or break up, because you know how much that sucks.

Knowing your core needs is essential to giving your relationship a great head start.


Sharon Kimber is a Dating & Self Love Coach. As the founder of Soul Dating, Sharon specialises in authentic dating and self love coaching for single people looking to truly connect with their life partner. She believes that by removing the masks we learn to wear, learning to love ourselves, knowing our needs and utilising empowered dating skills, we hold the keys to finding a relationship that will truly make us happy, meet our needs, and endure. Sharon is a certified Life Coach, Dating & Singles Coach, & Holistic Events Coordinator. If you are interested in working with Sharon, schedule your complimentary discovery call by calling 0417 601 299 or visiting the website -

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