Tall, Dark & Handsome?

Tall, Dark & Handsome?

Most of us have a list that contains all the things we ‘must’ have in order for us to fall in love.

For many of us, the ‘list’ that determines our ideal partner contains many physical attributes, curvy, tall, blue eyes etc.

The truth is, love can make any attribute beautiful.

Determining who we want to be with based on physical qualities runs the risk of us eliminating someone who could make us very happy, just because they didn’t have blue eyes.

Dating with the intention of looking for qualities that someone could bring to a relationship, and knowing exactly what qualities we need in the first place, is a much healthier way of seeking a partner.

Of course, attraction needs to exist, but did you know many people were not initially attracted to the person they ended up with?

When you date with your head and your heart, and have a clear plan of knowing your requirements, wants and needs, you get to make smart choices before your heart gets involved.

Dating authentically in a swipe right world sets you up to know yourself, get to know other people, make good choices and maintain your boundaries with kindness and integrity.

Authenticity means looking beyond the superficial, and getting to know someone for who they really are.


Sharon Kimber is a Dating & Self Love Coach. As the founder of Soul Dating, Sharon specialises in authentic dating and self love coaching for single people looking to truly connect with their life partner. She believes that by removing the masks we learn to wear, learning to love ourselves, knowing our needs and utilising empowered dating skills, we hold the keys to finding a relationship that will truly make us happy, meet our needs, and endure. Sharon is a certified Life Coach, Dating & Singles Coach, & Holistic Events Coordinator. If you are interested in working with Sharon, schedule your complimentary discovery call by calling 0417 601 299 or visiting the website - www.souldating.online

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