Summoning Your Soulmate Packages

Are you a deep thinker who can see through the dating games and is sick and tired of them?

Do integrity and honesty mean a lot to you, and are you ready to meet someone who feels the same?

Are you sick of wasting time on dating that goes nowhere, and are you over the ghosting, the games and the lack of respect?

Are you frustrated that you haven’t met someone you can trust – and do you deep down suspect that this has something to do with you?


Are you ready to meet someone special?

Do you need some help with your confidence after divorce, a break up or a narcissistic relationship?

Or just enjoy dating without the games and manipulation that makes you want to give up?

Soul Dating makes a stand for your authentic dating experience.

We have designed three programs to get you back in the dating world with confidence, authenticity and direction.

Our signature process, Summoning Your Soulmate Ultimate Makeover covers every aspect of your dating life, including Self Love, Online Profiling and a Heart Wall analysis, where we explore what might be blocking you from attracting love.

The Summoning Your Soulmate Online process is dedicated to your online dating world, and our Mini Makeover is your quick path to authentic dating.



Waking up next to your soul mate every morning
Never being lonely again
Having your plus one at parties and functions
Never having to go on a dating site ever again
Feeling that the game playing and nerve wracking fear and doubt have been put to rest
Coming home to someone who wants to listen to how your day was
Having that person who gets you
Looking across the room and getting a smile from the person who always has your back

Why I Created The Summoning Your Soulmate Datings Programs

I created the Summoning Your Soulmate programs because I was sick and tired of the dating advice that revolved around games and manipulation. I had been very hurt in past relationships, and had my self esteem destroyed by people who weren’t being true and honest about who they were and how they felt. In my exploration of my own contributions to attracting these relationships, I discovered what it takes to really find someone who is right for you. I became passionate about helping others to discover the same truths, so they could date with confidence and self love.

What's Included?

Clarity coaching to define exactly who you are looking for – having a map to your soulmate
Creation of an authentic online profile
An actionable and clear plan for how and where to meet them, and accountability to go with it
Effective dating skills 101 – the top dating mistakes we make, red flags to watch for and conversational skills for dating
Discover how to move past your fear of rejection
How to tell if there’s true mutual compatibility and not just chemistry
Learn how to practice Self Love and Boundaries
Learn how to practice the unique process of Stepping Up & Leaning Back – which gives you strong skills for finding out what someone is really like
Practice the art of strong single living, which makes you seriously magnetic
How to draw your ideal partner to your world without games, tactics or manipulation, using my own special secret process

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mini Makeover is a 2.5 hour intensive, which can be done in one session, or in one 1 hour session and one 1.5 hour session. The cost is $225

The Summoning Your Soulmate Online program is six 1 hour sessions.
The cost is $1250

The Ultimate Makeover is ten 1 hour sessions.
The cost is $2495

Both the Online and Ultimate programs include unlimited email support, homework and exercises through out the process. You can ask questions, get clarification or just let me know how things are going anytime.

If you still have more questions, you can book a free Discovery Call, where we chat about your current situation and how my programs can help.

If you’ve already decided which program you would like to pursue, click on the button below and you will receive a questionnaire and link to book your first session.

If you decide that you no longer wish to continue your selected program, you will need to notify me in writing via email.
There are no refunds available for the Mini Makeover.
The longer courses can be partially refunded, based on how many modules have been completed, and will incur an administration fee of $100 also.

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