Are you tired of the dating scene and ready for authentic lasting love?

My name is Sharon Kimber and I am an Authentic Dating Coach.
I believe that in a world of rules (I’m sure you’ve heard them all – wait two days to text, be a lady, only give backhanded compliments), that shining as who we really are is the only way to truly attract the right person.

From the Bad Boys, to the Nice Guys, right through to the soul destroying Narcissists, I had done it all.

I had a history of not being able to walk away from relationships that weren’t working, I kept giving and giving and wondering why it wasn’t returned.

Finally, after another relationship had fallen apart, I decided to stay single and went on a journey of growth to discover why I was attracting and falling for partners who couldn’t meet my needs, and what I could be doing differently.

I dreamed of a relationship filled with understanding, connection, kindness, gentleness and shared values and interests, but that certainly wasn’t what I was getting.

I discovered I didn’t know myself well enough to know what I needed in a relationship, but I knew the next time I entered a relationship, I wanted it to be for the right reasons and I wanted it to last.
I realised I had been selling myself short, and falling for people out of lust and loneliness.
I became clear about exactly what would and wouldn’t work for me.
Then I began to learn how to date in a way that empowered me.
I stood by my list, despite the temptations, knowing that I never wanted to have my heart broken again.
I learned how to deal with loneliness, love myself and lean back into my own life until someone who could meet all my needs came along.
I learned how to date with clarity and power, becoming the chooser of my future partner,

I discovered that my boundaries for the way I wanted to be treated were not clearly defined, and I even found some boundaries I didn’t even realise I had a right to!

I learned how to self soothe, be alone and happy, fill my life with things I loved and enjoyed. I discovered how to lean back and not push, and face my fear or rejection so I could be OK with walking away from people who weren’t right for me.

When you know how to date with ease and confidence, letting the real you shine through so that who you attract is seeing your soul and loving you for it, dating becomes so much easier.

My clients don’t want to play games, they want someone to see their soul.

Today I live in a world of self love, a constant feeling of happiness which is an incredible place to live from. I forgive myself when things go wrong, I act in ways that allow me much greater self respect, and I carry no pain from the past.

Now I teach others to navigate that path so they can date with so much love and acceptance for themselves that they won’t settle, and are able to let their masks slip away and become strong and confident in their truth.

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